Mojibake Fixer

This page fixes ZIP archives containing files with Japanese filenames that weren't encoded with Unicode, that become Mojibake when extracted.

e.g. what was originally called "ひとみ.png" ended up on your PC as "é╨é╞é▌.png"

While you can set your PC to use a Japanese locale or use an archiver that supports the Japanese encoding, this page allows you to simply select one of these ZIP files with the file picker below and get a fixed version instantly.

The conversion is done entirely in your browser, so your files are not sent to any server and remain private.

Passworded ZIPs and other types of archives or mojibake are not supported. Internet Explorer and the old version of Edge are also not supported.

If this tool seems to have broken, let me know on GitHub.

Open your ZIP file here:

How does it work?

The issue is surprisingly straightforward. The affected ZIP files were created with the Shift JIS encoding but without specifying so in the ZIP file. With JSZip and TextDecoder doing the heavy lifting, this page opens the ZIP file, manually specifying Shift JIS as the encoding, and then saves a new copy of the ZIP, this time properly saving in Unicode so that it can be read on any PC.